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Haringey 6th Form College

Materials and Website design

Haringey Sixth Form College needed a new look. With the team from Wapisasa a new direction was dreamt up, painting a fresh, creative picture of the courses on offer. There were two central design projects at the heart of the refresh – a new prospectus and a re-skinning of the website.

Instead of the normal prospectus booklet, we broke the courses down into a pic-and-mix of postcards. Prospective students would get some ‘cover’ cards about the college facilities and enrolment procedure, and could then choose the subject information that interested them, rather than wading through a pile of courses they had no interest in. The resulting cards went down a storm.

The website re-skin matched the geometric theme and colour scheme on the prospectus cards – check it out here. You can check it out here. We also produced a load of peripheral advertising for the college – from flyers and social media banners, to bus banners and press adverts.