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Parkroscopes – the project

Microscopes in parks – what  now?

One of my passions is helping enable curiosity – particularly if nature is involved. The parkroscopes project was a design concept for a microscope that would live in a park; a piece of playground equipment that would engender curiosity; Citizen science that is self initiated and free. People of all ages could find objects or insects – bring them to the scope and then look at them up close, either with their eye, or using their phone to get a really close view.

The scope was a load of fun to make and testing in schools and parks was a blast. We found some amazing things: have you ever looked closely at a moth’s eye? Or a bee’s knee? Or a parakeet’s feather? Incredible stuff.

You can see more about the project at If you’d like to find out more, or have similar projects I’d love to hear from you.